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Our Products

Lightning Strip PLUS

NEW Lightning Strip PLUS
Floor Finish Solubilizer
Enhanced with the performance
features of
"Lightning Strip" and "Armadillo Stripper" ...
Outperforming Both!!!

  • A unique Floor Finish re-emulsifying heavy duty stripper,
  • Especially designed for removing heavily built-up finish!
  • Mop / Wet mop stripping
  • Machine Floor Stripping
  • Works Great on ALL levels of finish build-up!

Item #510005 ... 5 gal pail


  • Durable: High Solids for extended wear and superior protection for floor covering!
  • Easy to Use: Self leveling, fast drying and excellent flow for easy application with little or no mop drag!
  • Appearance: Fantastic deep gloss with crystal clarity and brighter floors, never yellows!
  • Resilient: Black mark, dirt and detergent resistant with less coats for labor savings!

Item #550005 ... 5 gal pail



Same Great Quality as our

Diamond25  Floor Finish
5 gallon pail!

NOW in a convenient Gallon Size!

Item #550004 ... 4x1 gal cs


  • Aggressive Heavy Duty Scrub & Recoat Cleaner!
  • Removes embedded soils and scuffs from upper layers of finish.
  • For proper preparation of surface prior to re-fininshing.

Item #490004 ...  4x1 gal cs



  • Interactive Floor Finish Cleaner & Maintainer
  • An interactive blend of cleaners, penetrants, gloss enhancers and moistuizers that work together to clean and maintain finished floor surfaces!

Item #590004 ...  4x1 gal cs

Microbest Bio-Base FloorWash

  • This neutral pH FloorWash contains stable, cultured strains of microbes capable of digesting complex proteins, starches, fats, oils and greases, vegetable gums, and other organic wastes found on quarry tile and deep in grout.  
  • Billions of “nonpathogenic” bacteria in every ounce produce enzymes that degrade organic wastes naturally. With enzymes continually regenerated by these bacteria, this product is much more economical and efficient in cleaning and brightening tile and grout than conventional floor cleaners and degreasers, or those that claim to be "enzymatically" enhanced. 
  • Drain and odor control are provided instantaneously as organic sources of malodors are naturally degraded into carbon dioxide and water then rinsed down the drain!

Item # 10001 ...  120 pack cs

Item # 10002 ... 30 pack box

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